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Active Health Workshops

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Make Every Move Count Workshop
Measure up and learn how incorporating a variety of movements through a 4Q model and interactive activities can improve your movement competency.

Stress Better for Greater Happiness
Learn more about the stress or you might face and tips you can apply in your daily lives.

Rest Better for a Fresher Tomorrow
Obtain strategies on how you can get quality rest to wake up feeling refreshed the next day.

Breathe Well and Live Well Workshop

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It all begins with breathing. Throughout life, we may experience different triggers and stress which may cause changes to our breathing. Changes to breathing can impact our daily lives by making us feel constantly tired, unproductive and lacking in energy.

In addition, as more work is done behind computer screens, people are thinking more and moving our bodies less – we become so absorbed in our computer screens that our shoulders tense, our breathing changes and by the end of the day, we're exhausted.

This talk will help you understand what it takes to breathe well and break the cycle of tension and fatigue in your daily lives and learn how to have more energy through correct breathing. This talk will also include a number of crucial exercises to increase movement and help your muscles relax and function properly.

Calm Collective Calm Circles

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Calm Collective presents Calm Circles - a safe space to connect, share, and learn with your peers.

What to expect:
- Experience personal connection with the Calm Collective community, a community for good mental health in Asia
- Share your thoughts and feelings in a safe, no-judgement zone
- Learn from each other's experiences
- Deepen your listening and empathy skills

* Disclaimer: Calm Circles are not a replacement for any existing/ongoing therapy or any professional mental health care.

How do Calm Circles work?
Facilitated by trained members of our Calm Collective team to foster a safe space for conversations around well-being, we’ve established the following Agreements:

1. Treating each other with kindness and respect
2. Listening with compassion and an open mind
3. Not presuming to advise or fix each other
4. Honouring each other’s unique way of being
5. Keeping anything shared in the Circle confidential

Learn more about Calm Circles here: or email us at

COMO Wellness For Life

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COMO Shambhala presents COMO Wellness For Life to inspire couples and young families to grow together and embrace a knowledge-based approach to lifelong wellness. Through the festival, participants will learn integrative wellness tips and practices to support their own and children’s wellbeing. With a focus on improving the mind, body, and spirit, let us be a part of your wellness journey.

Stress Management in Children – 4 June 2022, 2 to 3pm
An interactive talk with practical exercises to cultivate mindfulness and developmental play in children. Suitable for parents with infants, toddlers, and school-aged children and teens.

Sunset Mat Pilates – 8 June 2022, 6 to 6.45pm
Enveloped by nature, a full-body conditioning workout targeted to build your core strength, muscle endurance and flexibility. Suitable for all levels.

Sound Healing and Yoga – 11 June 2022, 2 to 3pm
A meditative experience essential for holistic wellness, incorporating singing bowls, symphonic gong and therapeutic yoga poses. Suitable for all levels.

For more immersive experiences, join us for a full-day of wellness talks and fitness classes on 12 June 2022 at COMO Shambhala Urban Escape, Orchard Road.

Cooking Healthy Heritage

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Chef and heritage researcher Sarah Huang Benjamin and nutritionist and host Charlotte Mei are friends and foodies. Especially passionate about local Singaporean flavours, they will delve into the ins and outs of nutrition and heritage foods in this masterclass.

During the session, they will cook up a storm together, creating Peranakan dishes that are nutritious and satisfying while celebrating traditional techniques. Join Sarah and Charlotte for a fun, food-filled afternoon!

Core Collective Workshops

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Core Collective presents 4 workshops for Wellness Festival Singapore 2022.

HIIT IT! by Musa Fit is packed with quick, intense burst of exercise followed by short recovery periods. It will keep your heart pumping with a variety of exercises using bodyweight only. This class is suitable for all fitness levels.

FitFoo's open level Pilates Mat class will help strengthen your core while improving your flexibility, balance and posture. Using the BASI® Pilates block system, you will experience a full body workout every session that focuses on correct postural alignment to build core strength in a fun way.

How to Improve Your Posture by Spine & Performance will teach you how to improve your posture in your everyday life. From learning how to assess your posture, you will also learn more about common postural problems and to how to correct your posture when you're sleeping, standing and exercising amongst many others.

Return to Life Mat Pilates by Rehab & Beyond is a workout where participants will be taken through a series of exercises and shown the importance of breathing and using basic mat exercises. Participants will also learn tips and hacks in executing mat exercises and more.

This programme is presented as part of The Wellness Sensorium.

Inside Out Wellness Makeover

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True wellness comes from a healthy mind, spirit and body. The secret lies in having a daily wellness routine that incorporates good habits. In this workshop, we will be sharing hair and skincare routine, workout, positive wellness mindset and nutrition tips.

Having great hair and skin makes a lot of difference to our appearance. It makes us look and feel good. Jean Yip Group’s stylist team will share how you can achieve an effortless hairstyle that can be done in just minutes, taking you from the gym to a night out with friends.

Actress and entrepreneur, Cheryl Wee, will touch on skincare routine and tips to achieve a no-make up glow. She will also share about her personal experience on eating and body dysmorphic disorder and how she overcame it. Join her to gain insights on a positive mindset towards wellness and for nutrition tips on healthy weight management

Work out a sweat with 9round kickboxing workout. Build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, while burning calories and building lean muscles. Take charge of your physical and mental health with this fun workout.

Morning Tai Chi Workout

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Wake up to this relaxing mass Tai Chi workout guided by Lee Tze Yuan, SEA Games 2015 Wushu Gold Medalist, at the serene Shiseido Forest Valley. Tai Chi has been known to develop balanced health for the body and the mind. Through gentle movements, participants will achieve calmness and focus of mind. No prior experience with Tai Chi is required and people of all ages are welcome. Come join Tze Yuan for a wholesome start to your weekend!

Move Freely & Happily

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Sunnystep presents: a wellness and mobility talk with expert Physiotherapist Danielle Barratt. During both talk sessions, our speaker will also teach participants some light stretches and simple on the spot exercises for better posture.

Physiotherapist Danielle Barratt has >22 years of experience in holistic physiotherapy care. She's passionate about empowering her clients with the knowledge to develop strength and stability in order to maintain a happy active lifestyle.

6 June, Monday (6pm-6.45pm)
Danielle's talk highlights:
• Diastasis Muscle Separation and Pelvic floor muscles
• How these areas of our body work together to create stability and support in the pelvis and spine
• Posture awareness (work station and standing postures)
• Activity: Light stretches for the mid- and lower back and neck areas

7 June, Tuesday (8.30pm-9.15pm)
Danielle's talk highlights:
• Gait and Lower body alignment
• Posture and Ergonomics
• Impact on the spine and posture
• Activity: Light stretches for better posture

Participants are encouraged to dress comfortably for both workshop talk sessions.

This programme is presented as part of The Wellness Sensorium. For more immersive experiences, enter “Wellness Sensorium” in the search bar for the full list of Sensorium Masterclasses.

Moving from Active to Passive

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This is a potent active meditation that creatively uses shaking, free dance, stillness & silence to bring one into a deep state of awareness. Most of us have realised that repressed emotions and stressful living can affect our ability to calm the mind, to live vibrantly and to relate to others. This method is particularly helpful to release tensions that block the natural flow of energies in our body, allowing us to become more joyful, peaceful and authentic.

Kundalini Dance Meditation is a wonderful technique that allows us to embody our Inner Shakti and to find ourselves in a pure state of awareness! Come shake off what is no longer serving you, connect to the Kundalini Energy, express yourself fully and drop into a state of pure watchfulness!

Suitable for absolute beginners or advanced meditative practitioners. No experience is needed and modifications are available for people who have any physical limitations.

The last 30 minutes of our time together will be a guided meditation, where we will use the image and energies of a mountain to guide our practice.

This session is led by multi-talented wellness instructor, Stephanie Bovis, who specialises in Yin Yoga and Meditation.

Pain-free Wellness Programme

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Learn about DIY acupressure and herbal remedies to relieve neck, shoulder, and back pains from TCM perspective. Will touch on how TCM view pain, types of pain, location, symptoms; going into Diagnosis covering on syndromes, causes, the progression of pain in TCM - pain pathophysiology and different types of syndromes classification/explanation.

Pilates & Posture Mat Masterclass

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Unwind in the evening in this 1.5 hour session, where we will learn about good posture and practice muscle-specific stretches to release tension in the body.

Led by fitness instructor Tiong Jia En, begin with stretches to improve your posture and close out with gentle pilates mat workout, focusing on form, alignment and endurance.

Power Of Aromatherapy Workshop

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Participants will get to have a hands-on experience in creating a unique blend using 100% pure essential oils and take home a 250ml custom-blended shower gel. Event goers gets to bring home a goodie worth $130 with a complimentary session of Energy reading in stores and complimentary 30 minutes massage extension for the next booking.

Reset with Creativity

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Unravel, through a series of creative exercises in this 30-minute audio guide, your purpose and the obstacles that are hindering you from achieving what you want. Then create a routine you’d like to embed into your life moving forward.

Written, voiced and designed by Artwave Studio.

Artwave Studio curates thoughtful encounters at the intersections of culture, wellness and sustainability. The studio is a team of creative writers, voiceover artists, sound designers and audio engineers assembled to produce original podcasts & virtual experiences. Often drawing inspiration from the most ordinary of things — objects, food, books, rituals and place. Browse all projects at

Spin at the Vortex

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Spin at the Vortex is 45-minutes of rhythmic cycling with high energy. Lead by our star instructors, lose yourself whilst riding at The Vortex with a specially curated playlist. Be the Revolution and come ride with us. All riders are welcome!

10.30am: Ride Out Loud @ Jewel with Valerie, Carrie & Zann Minn
12.30pm: Pop Asia! @ Jewel with Shu Hui, Endo & Peixing

Stitch Meditation Masterclass

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Learn how to slow down and be in the present with a needle and thread with Agatha Lee "Agy", a Singapore-based textile artist specialising in embroidery.

During this workshop, Agy will guide you in a meditative stitching exercise, resulting in a small square mat. The aim of the session is not to make a product, but to bring 'slow' into your life. Connect with yourself, learn stitching techniques and take home a free stitch meditation kit.